• Goodwill stores

    Don’t donate good valuable books to Goodwill, sell them to us. We buy good scholarly, text, academic, fine binding, math, science, philosophy, and more.

  • Downsizing Book Libraries

    When folks are getting ready to move, or just need to de-clutter, they usually call a professional company who specializes in doing so. We have partnered with “Consider It Done” who has called us when they are trying to help someone organize their move, or liquidation. We usually survey the book collection, and offer to…

  • Philosophy Books

    We recently purchased a nice 2000 book collection of scholarly Philosophy books. They were mostly academic scholarly titles published by Cambridge, Harvard, Rutledge, and more. Titles included Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, and more. If you have questions, email us at info@indianabookbuyer.com

  • Buying college books from Cincinnati booksellers

    We are now offering service in the Cincinnati area where we hope to buy college books and other academic books from collectors and retired professors. If you have questions, email info@indianabookbuyer.com

  • Books from Chicago Professor

    We recently purchased a large lot of great scholarly classic Greek, Latin and Ancient History books from a retiring professor.

  • Collections bought all over midwest

    We travel all over the midwest to purchase large used book collections. We will come to you and haul the books away. Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and more locations are all on our list of places to visit. Contact us by phone at 8123452490

  • Professors on using books vs. ebooks

    We would like to know what current and retired profs think about using books today vs. ebooks. If you are a professor, please let us know if you still use traditional books or some other modern tools to teach with in the classroom or for your research.

  • Book & Library Appraisals – Appraising

    Many times we are asked to appraise the value of a book or a large book collection. Even though we are not certified, we do offer book values based on our 25 years of experience and data collected from various book web sites. If you have a large collection, give us a call. We’d be…

  • Textbooks we are always buying. GET CASH!

    Sociology by Macionis, Biology by Campbell, Art of Public Speaking by Lucas, Art Forms by Prebles and other current IU & Ivy Tech Textbooks.

  • Buying & Selling DVD Sets and Collections

    With more and more video stores disappearing, Academic Scholarly Books offers dvd collectors a chance to sell back those dvds sets they no longer watch. We also sell them too, but mostly over the Internet. We do keep some in our store, but mostly old popular movies. The kind of DVD sets we specialize in…

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