Library Liquidators

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Over the years, Academic Scholarly Books has purchased large book collections from retired professors in all fields such as Mathematics, Science, Medical, History, Education, Folklore, Music, and many more. We’ve traveled all over the midwest to meet scholars who ask us to haul all of their books out of their home, office, storage shed, etc. We pay them a fair amount for the books we know we’ll keep, and donate the rest to a local charity, school, library, etc. We’ve met some really neat people, and made some good friends. We hope to continue to do more of this, as we always need good scholarly books for our store. For more info email us at


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  1. Lawrence Friedman

    I have never found a book dealer like Joe (Academic Scholarly Bookstore) who is more than good.

    Lawrence Friedman
    Professor – Harvard University

  2. David Burge

    I wish to liquidate a lifetime library, mostly herpetology, naturalists, gardening, entomology, very little fiction. I’m located in Hampton, SC.

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