Selling Used Books to Us


When you need to sell a book or books you will be better off to bring the books to our store. If you have a large collection, then we can make an appointment to come to you and evaluate them.

When pricing a book, we use several different wholesale databases as well as an Internet site called We also have to evaluate the books condition as well.

There are some books we will absolutely not buy: Encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest, Popular fiction, and Children’s books. We are an Academic Bookstore, but we do buy a few other types of books like game books, games, dvd sets, and collectibles.


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  1. Thomas Fararo

    I am a retired professor living in southwestern pa. I have a room full of scholarly books in fields such as sociology, economics, philosophy and mathematics. I’m not sure but I think there are more than 500. Is this location within your travel distance?

  2. jagrant24

    Unfortunately, we are only able to purchase books in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee.

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